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FAQ's Niagara Spring show

Frequently Asked Questions

JANUARY 13 - 14, 2018   12PM -5PM


Holiday Inn Parkway Hotel
327 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON
How do I select my booth location?
Location is only one factor to a successful show. Pre-show promotion, a clear marketing message, and good show booth staff are generally more important than "good" booth placement. Look for opportunities to stand out. Often, there are great opportunities away from the entrance or that can give you an advantage. Consider exhibiting near the shows entertainment component or in a space by primary traffic aisles.
How do I reserve my booth space?
Booth availability changes from day to day. You can submit an application with multiple choices and the Show Manager will contact you to confirm the space you are being allocated. However, we recommend calling ahead, and so we can let you know right away what booth locations are available. If there is one you are interested in, we can put it on hold immediately. We do operate on a first come, first serve basis, so as soon as you know which location you are interested in, we recommend calling in your request as soon as possible.
Can I share a booth with another company?
You can share an 8x 8 or larger booth, but you must have show management approval prior to the event or the business sharing with you will not be allowed to setup. A Fee will apply to those wanting to share a booth and each company has to fill out a separate contract. It is however never recommend that you share a booth. It is confusing for attendees and hard for a business to really shine when they are competing for customers attention and time in one booth space.
Can I run a prize contest from my booth?
We encourage exhibitors to run prize contests from their booths as it is an amazing way to attract brides to come visit your booth. We ask that if the prize if from a non exhibitor, none of their promotional material (business cards or packages) appear in the booth. Also, when collecting information through ballots, please make sure you are abiding by the new Ontario Privacy Policies.
What’s included in my booth space?
We include an 8 ft drape backdrop and three foot side rails in black & white. One table comes with your booth. Table requirements must be indicated on your contract prior to the show.
Does Electricity come with my booth?
No. The venue is unionized, therefore all orders for electricity are to be made through Stronco Electrical. If you order early there is a pre-booking price. Please contact debby.r@stronco.com or 800-665-2621 for information.
Will Chairs be provided in my booth?
We generally do not encourage sitting while the show is on. Therefore, we only provide chairs to display purposes or for medical reasons. There is a small chair per chair, please see contract.
Do I have to order from the Official Show Booth Contractor or can I bring my own furnishings?
You may bring your own furnishings including booth carpeting and tables and chairs.
Yes. The Holiday Inn Parkway Hotel has free wifi.  
Set-up is on Friday from 12 noon to 8 pm and Saturday from 8am-11:30am
Each exhibitor is required to have 3-5 million dollar general insurance policy that covers loss or damage to property as well as having public liability insurance against injury to the person and property of others.
There is ample free parking lots attached to and surrounding the Convention Centre
Exhibitor Badges?
All badges can be picked up during move in at Exhibitor Check In. We recommend only 2-4 exhibitors  per 8 x 8 booth. Please ensure your staff wears their exhibitor badge at all times to enter and exit the show.
Do I need a scheduled time to Move In or Move Out?
No. Move In/Move Out is handled on a first-come basis. Security or show staff will be in loading areas and will provide unloading instruction. There are some complimentary dollies, but if you have one of your own, we recommend you bring it. An Exhibitor may not start tearing down or packing up your booth before the official announcement that the show has officially closed.
Will there be security on site?
There will be security overnight. However, The Show does not take responsibility for loss or damage.
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