Hamilton, Halton and Niagara Wedding Shows

Exhibitors -Niagara Spring Show

JANUARY 13th & 14th, 2018   12PM -5PM


Holiday Inn Parkway Hotel
327 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON
FAQ's Exhibitor Contract Floor Plan
As an exhibitor at the Niagara Spring Bridal Wedding Show you can expect: 

- Your target market, ready to browse, shop and educate themselves on your products and services

- Fellow industry leaders showcasing the latest wedding trends 

- Insight into the wedding industry as a whole and getting a pulse on what to expect for the upcoming wedding season.

- Kind, courteous and informed show staff ready to assist you make the best of the show

- Sales! What other industry can offer direct, on the spot advertising, up close and in person with ready consumers? Remember, if you're not there, she's spending her wedding dollars with someone else!
Wedding Show Success!
  • Have a booth that stands out and announces what you do immediately.
  • Sharing a book with another business is never recommended. It's confusing for couples, make you look amateurish, could dissuade someone from booking with you because they don't like the other business or person in your shared booth, it's always awkward trying to chat with someone while the other person is also trying to talk with them and lastly, it your time to shine so why share the spotlight?
  • Give away something people will want.
  • Make sure your give away has your business name and contact information, promotional reminders are helpful.
  • Collect your own leads (name, wedding date, email) with a contest at your booth.
  • Invite brides/grooms to enter a drawing for a valuable prize.  
  • Qualify people immediately when they get to your booth to make sure you’re available and they actually need your services. Ask questions like: “What’s your wedding date? Are you looking for a florist?” If not, wish them well and move on quickly so that you can meet as many people as possible. 
  • Offer a Show Special, a discount or freebie if they book an appointment with you.
  • Set goals. Go for a meeting rather than trying to book right at the show.
  • Trying to get one client to sign on the spot, while 20 clients walk by is not the most effective approach.
  • Be friendly, approachable and engage the consumer.
  • Be sure to stand up during with your arms uncrossed and electronic devices out of sight. You would be amazed at the negative impact such body language has on a couple’s willingness to talk to you.
  • Stay all the way until the end of the show and don’t leave your booth.
  • Packing up early looks unprofessional, and there are always couples who come in at the very end. If you abandon your booth during the wedding show, you’ll miss out on the “quiet time” to speak one on one with the couples who are still browsing.
  • Network and introduce yourself to as many other wedding pros as possible.
  • One of the biggest benefits of a wedding show is that it gives you a chance to network with dozens of other wedding vendors.
  • After the show, follow up fast with your leads!
  • Most of the work is done after the show. Send a postcard with an images that reminds brides of your booth, and include a personal note. Confirm any appointments you’ve set.
  • Have fun, embrace every opportunity and have great time.
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